Wind energy investigation in the Republic of Macedonia

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Project title:

  1. Site selection
  2. Instalation of four wind measurement stations
  3. Wind data collecting and analysis
  4. Expert team from Macedonia (FEIT-3 expets, ELEM-4 experts and MEPSO-1 expert) from 25.06 to 06.07.2006 year, participated on seminar for Wind Energy. Seminar was organized from NTE.
  5. For wind data analysis FEIT and ELEM recieved license for using the special software WindPRO. WindPRO is most comprehensive software package for design and planning of wind farm projects. Recognized and used by all leading turbine manufacturers, developers, engineering companies, utilities as well as local planning authorities worldwide.
    Expert from Danish company EMD, organized 3-Day WindPRO Training Course, from 03.02.2008 to 06.02.2008 in Skopje at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.
  6. Monitoring Program of Macedonian Wind Resources, Royal Norwegian Embassy - Skopje, Aid Coordination Meeting, 20.11.2006, Skopje
  7. Wind Energy Potential in Republic of Macedonia, Energy week, MACEF, October 2007, Skopje
  8. Papers for domestic and international conferences