Wind energy investigation in the Republic of Macedonia

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Publicated papers
  1. V. Dimcev, K.Najdenkoski, V.Stoilkov, "Exploration of Wind Energy Potential in Republic of Macedonia, 6-th Balkan Power Conference, Ohrid, 2006

  2. V. Dimcev, K. Najdenkoski: "Wind Measurement Campaign in Republic of Macedonia", DAAD Project -ISSNB, Ohrid, 2006

  3. V. Stoilkov, M. Cundev, K. Najdenkoski, V. Dimcev: "Optimal Design Aspects of Directly Driven Generators for Wind Turbines", 14 International Conference "Electrical Engineering Symposium", Sibenik, Croatia, 2007

  4. V.Dimcev, K.Najdenkoski, V.Stoilkov, "First Year of Wind Parameters Measurements in Macedonia", XLII International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technology, ICEST-2007, 24-27.06.2007, Ohrid, Macedonia

  5. В.Стоилков, В.Димчев, К.Најденкоски, Г.Цветковски, "Регулација на моќноста на ветрогенераторски системи", 5-то Советување на МАКО СИГРЕ 2007, А1-02R,Книга 1, 07-09.10.2007, Охрид

  6. V.Stoilkov, V. Dimcev, K.Najdenkoski, "Renawable energy sources and energy efficency", International forum organized from MACEF, Skopje, Power Energy Week 2007, 30.10-02.11-2007

  7. V.Dimcev, K.Najdenkoski, V.Stoilkov, Z. Kokolanski, Wind Energy Potential Assessment in the Republic of Macedonia, International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'™09), Valencia (Spain), 2009