Wind energy investigation in the Republic of Macedonia

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Project title:

Wind Atlas

The Wind Atlas is based on numerical modeling of the large-scale climatology of the atmosphere. The inputs for modeling are typically taken from global databases:
  • the wind field could be taken from the NCEP/NCAR database,
  • the land-use from the GLCC data base of United States Geological Survey
  • and the height information of the country from the SRTM30 database by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and NASA.
This information is validated with all other available information (e.g. maps, satellite images, etc.).
The used model is MASS (Mesoscale Atmospheric Simulation System), a numerical weather model developed by MESO, Inc.
The model simulates the fundamental physics of the atmosphere including conservation of mass, momentum and energy, as well as the moisture phases and it contains a turbulent kinetic energy module that accounts the effects of viscosity and thermal stability on wind shear.
Wind Atlas for the Republic of Macedonia was prepared by AWS Truewind Company from U.S.A in May and June, 2005.
The Atlas is consisting of wind speed maps at four heights 40m, 60m, 80m and 100m.
Based on the results from Wind Atlas, four measuring stations are installed on selected locations.