Wind energy investigation in the Republic of Macedonia

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1) Site selection

The field inspection of selected sites was carried in 2005.
The purpose of the inspection was to assess the accuracy of the data used in the site selection, to assess the suitability of mountain ridge for installation of meteorological masts and wind turbines, to check the quality of roads, any restricted areas such as military facilities or telecommunication towers and microwave links.
After the site screening was completed and careful consideration of all obtained data by the Atlas were made, four sites are recommended for wind measurement campaign.
Site 7 - Kozuf Mountain has greatest potential for development of wind farm. It is large open grassland and the top of the ridgeline consists of gently rolling hills. The site elevation between 1300m to 1760m may produce problems during installation phase and maybe for maintenances of turbines.

Site 10 - Ranovec Mountain, Bogdanci, the ridge has 450-500m elevation and an east-west orientation in an area where the wind is predominantly from the southeast. The vegetation on the site is grass and low shrubs and the site is located between three 110kV lines linked into triangle. Maybe this site is most promising.

Site 16 - Sasavarlija, Stip the site was identified by ESM people. It is located several kilometers to the southeast from the town of Stip on highland with several dispersed hills and a maximum elevation of 996m. The predicted mean wind speed at 80 meters is 5,81 m/s with capacity factor of 22,44%.

Site 20 - Bogoslovec, Sveti Nikole the site was also identified by ESM people. The site is on short ridge of up to 750m elevation. The site has moderate winds of 6,0 - 7,0 m/s at 80 m according to the wind map and is estimated to have the potential to accommodate wind farm to 10 MW