Wind energy investigation in the Republic of Macedonia

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Project title:


Instalation of four wind measurement stations

For the realization of the measurement campaign four complete measurement stations are provided, and installed on 4 locations.
The height of the towers is 50m, this is a trade off between being as close possible to hub heights of today wind turbines (80m or higher) and reducing cost of towers (lattice towers with that heights are expensive).

The measurements system is consisting of:
  • three anemometers,
  • two wind direction vanes,
  • thermometer.
All sensors are by NRG Systems, USA and high quality anemometer on the top of the towers are made by RISO, Denmark. The wind speed sensors are calibrated according to the MEASNET standard with accuracy class of 0,1m/s, which is used by the wind industry in Europe.
The wind direction is measured in two different heights for redundancy.
Temperature is measured at 2 m, which is a meteorological standard.

In addition to sensors there are data loggers inside weather proof cabinets with communication capabilities over GSM line.